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Alan Jackson, what to say about this man.   His music has truly spanned all of country,
from the twangy-grass-roots sound to chilling ballads and hot rockers.  This man truly has what
it takes to become a superstar in country music, but then again, hasn't he already?

I Included My Picks Of A Few Great, Though Lesser-Known Songs.  :-)
As You Can See, As I Got Further Into The Albums,
It Became Impossible To Pick Just 3 Songs.

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Here In The Real World

The First Album, from 1989

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Here In The Real World (448K)
Wanted (663K)

Chasin' That Neon Rainbow (277K)

Don't Rock The Jukebox

The Second Album, from 1991

aj2sm.jpg (5322 bytes)

Don't Rock The JukeBox (290K)
Midnight In Montgomery (402K)
Someday (527K)

A Lot About Livin'
(And A Little 'Bout Love)

The Third Album, from 1992

aj3sm.jpg (5032 bytes)

Chattahoochee (252K)
She's Got The Rhythm
(And I GotThe Blues)
She Likes It Too (377K)

Honky Tonk Christmas

The Fourth Album, from 1993

aj4sm.jpg (4826 bytes)

Honky Tonk Christmas (336K)
The Angels Cried (529K) (a~)
Santa's Gonna Come In A
Pickup Truck
(244K) (b~see below)

Who I Am

The Firth Album, from 1994

aj5sm.jpg (4537 bytes)

Gone Country (344K)
Song For The Life (339K)
All American Country Boy (569K)

The Greatest Hits Collection

The Sixth Album, from 1995

aj6sm.jpg (4954 bytes)

Tall Tall Trees (411K)
I'll Try (536K)
Home (577K)
Dallas (514K)

Everything I Love

The Seventh Album, from 1996

aj7sm.jpg (5625 bytes)

Little Bitty (267K)
Everything I Love (663K)
Between The Devil And Me (487K)
Walk On The Rocks (413K)

High Mileage
(Enhanced Multimedia CD)

The Eighth Album, from 1998

aj8sm.jpg (4251 bytes)

What A Day Yesterday Was (412K)
A Woman's Love (534K)
I'll Go On Loving You (324K)
Dancing All Around It (568K)

Song (a) From The "Honky Tonk Christmas" Album Is A Duet With Allison Krauss,
Song (b) Is None Other Than Alvin & The Chipmunks.

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