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Darkwriter's Down Home
Country Home Page!

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Click Here For My Album Sounds Page
This page features album covers and wav files from
some of today's top artists, such as Garth Brooks,
Tim McGraw, and Martina McBride, to name a few!

Click Here For My Photo Album Page
This page features some of my favorite moments of country music
concerts that I've attended.  Currently, it contains pictures of
Jamboree In The Hills 1998, one great show!!

Click Here For My Video Clips Page
This page features a few snippets of videos by
Clay Walker, Clint Black, Faith Hill & Matraca Berg!

Click Here For My Links Page
Here is where I've stashed all the
links to some of my favorite places to visit on the web!

Click Here For My Midi Jukebox
Here you'll find the assortment of background sounds (midis)
I use on my pages!  These are sort of randomly sorted here.

Click Here For My Wav JukeBox
On This Page, you'll find a listing of the wavs that
appear on my site.  I recommend going through the
album sounds page, however, to get the full experience!

Click Here For My Awards & Webrings
This is my enormous, illustrious, outstanding collection
of awards and the webrings I belong to.
(ok, so there's a couple, but I can dream, can't I?)

Click Here For My Book Depot
If you like to read, about anything and everything, then
this is the place to be.   Find any* book  in minutes!
* Please note:  I don't guarantee the "any" part! *

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