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Welcome To My Jamboree In The Hills Photo Page!

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Well, How Do I Say This.
If You Weren't There, Don't Ask.
It Couldn't Be Done Justice With Words Alone.  Jamboree In The Hills Is A
Memory That I Will Never Forget.  It Has To Be Experienced To Be
Believed.  This Concert/Festival Was Something, The Likes Of Which
I've Never Before Seen.  I Have Attended Fan Fair In Nashville In The
Past, And I Must Say That I Enjoyed This So Much More.  The Artists Had
A Bigger Stage To Work With, More Time To Perform, And Much More
Lively Crowd!  This Place Was Great!

I'd also like to thank Tami Bennett, my concert buddy, for scanning
my pictures so that I might be able to bring them to you.  Thanks Tams!

Please Note:  All Of These Pictures Are Copyright Timothy Wakelin 1998.
Any unauthorized use will not be tolerated, and dealt with accordingly.
Please, if you would like to use an image
from my page, ask me, and we can discuss it.
Write me for details on usage:

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Tim & Faith 1

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Tim & Faith 2

jithmcgfh3.jpg (17565 bytes)
Tim & Faith 3

jithmcgfh4.jpg (24770 bytes)
Tim & Faith 4

tawfh1.jpg (26726 bytes)
Faith Hill 1

tawfh2.jpg (21357 bytes)
Faith Hill 2

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Tim McGraw 1

tawtim4.jpg (23232 bytes)
Tim McGraw 2

tawtim6.jpg (17861 bytes)
Tim McGraw 3

tawtim5.jpg (30400 bytes)
Tim McGraw 4

tawks3.jpg (17763 bytes)
Kevin Sharp 1

tawks2.jpg (36643 bytes)
Kevin Sharp 2

tawks1.jpg (21922 bytes)
Kevin Sharp 3

tawta1.jpg (38470 bytes)
Trace Adkins

tawlmc.jpg (24439 bytes)
Lila McCann 1

tawlmc1.jpg (22426 bytes)
Lila McCann 2

tawlmc5.jpg (21535 bytes)
Lila McCann 3

tawlm1.jpg (31240 bytes)
Lorrie Morgan 1

tawlm2.jpg (26990 bytes)
Lorrie Morgan 2

tawmw2.jpg (35336 bytes)
Mark Wills 1

tawmw1.jpg (29683 bytes)
Mark Wills 2

tawnm1.jpg (29982 bytes)
Neal McCoy 1

tawtk3.jpg (33181 bytes)
Toby Keith 1

tawtk5.jpg (22682 bytes)
Toby Keith 2

tawsb2.jpg (25893 bytes)
Sawyer Brown 1

tawsb3.jpg (24588 bytes)
Sawyer Brown 2

tawwn.jpg (29652 bytes)
Willie Nelson

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